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Matte extender powder..

BaSO4 content,min(%(m/m)) 98.0±0.5 Particle size (µm) d50 20.0±3.0
d97 < 48.0
Whiteness,min 89.0 pH value of aqueous suspension 8.0±1.0
Specific gravity(g/cm3) 4.4±0.2 Oil absorption(g/100g) 9.0±1.0
Matter volatile at 105℃,max
0.20 Loss on ignition,max(%(m/m)) 0.50
Matter soluble in water,max
0.20 Fe2O3 content,max(%(m/m)) 0.04
Al2O3 content,max(%(m/m)) 0.10 CaO content,max(%(m/m)) 0.15
Heavy metal(mg/kg) —— Bulk density(g/cm3) 1.2
Compact bulk density(g/cm3) 2.4 Residue on 45 µm sieve,max(%(m/m)) 0.5
Other characteristics

With the specific innovative physical matting method, MICROBARI® 44MAT provides a better choice for matting powder coating production, specially treated MICROBARI® 44MAT barium sulfate forms a perfect reflection angle in the coating film with its unique uniform crystal cube shape, and enough scattering provides a miraculous matting effect. It is totally different from common physical matting agent and normal barium sulfate.

It can be just used instead of original packing materials and without any specially designed formulas; stopping or reducing using matting agents can effectively reduce the cost. The particle size of MICROBARI® 44MAT and the film thickness are perfectly matched, and the matting effect is then well balanced with the smooth of film surface, resin never produces differences in the curing reaction ,and there is no worrying of over baking, so the matting effect is steady and outstanding. The innovative physical matting method does not get the matting effect by producing uneven shrinking with differences of the curing rate, and naturally eliminates the shrinking tension on coating film surface which is critically harmful to the film adhesion, so the coating film gets a better impact resistance. MICROBARI® 44MAT contains a 98.0% high purity of barium sulfate, it effectively increases the hardness of coating film and avoid the negative impact caused by the wax release on the surface of coating film-such as scratch,etc,and make the coating film more solid. Thanks for the fine chemical inertness and special ray absorbing function, the coating film has a fine weather ability and yellowing resistance, whether it is used indoor or outdoor, it can handle with ease.

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Matte extender powder..
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