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Micronized barium sulfate

1AA 5AA 10AB 20BC 44DE
BaSO4 content,min(%(m/m)) 98.0±0.5 Particle size (µm) d50 1.5±0.2
d97 3.0±0.3
Whiteness,min 94.5 pH value of aqueous suspension 8.0±1.0
Specific gravity(g/cm3) 4.4±0.2 Oil absorption(g/100g) 12.3±1.0
Matter volatile at 105℃,max
0.20 Loss on ignition,max(%(m/m)) 0.50
Matter soluble in water,max
0.20 Fe2O3 content,max(%(m/m)) 0.04
Al2O3 content,max(%(m/m)) 0.10 CaO content,max(%(m/m)) 0.15
Heavy metal(mg/kg) —— Bulk density(g/cm3) 1.0
Compact bulk density(g/cm3) 1.8 Residue on 45 µm sieve,max(%(m/m)) 0
Other characteristics

The fine particles of micronized barium sulfate completely remain the original crystalline structure of BaSO4 when the average particle size (D50) is only 1.5μm. The specific curface area, surface atomic number and surface atomicity are enormous, thus the hiding capability, the attraction, the dispersibility,the fluidity and optical prosperities have great changes, which absolutely exceed the original fine properties of barium sulfate, and it becomes an outstanding pigment extender.

The fine particles of MICROBARI® micronized barium sulfate have a good scattering and hiding capability, and as a carrier of pigment, it can make the pigment highly decentralized and provide an even color; high whiteness can make the coating clearer and purer; special crystal structure and high refractive index can make the color rich and full.

MICROBARI® micronized barium sulfate has a good chemical inertness, which renders it a better compatibility and makes it easy to organic composite with other materials and enhance the bonding; the suspension system is very stable and never produce flocculation or precipitation.

The surface of MICROBARI® micronized barium sulfate can make the coating film bond with the substrate more strongly; uniform submicron fine particles can make the coating film flatter and smoother and then more robust and durable.

The good chemical inertness, acid resistance, hightemperature resistance and other special properties of MICROBARI® micronized barium sulfate greatly improves the weather ability of coating.

Low oil absorption of MICROBARI® micronized barium sulfate can increase the critical volume concentration of coating and save more resin base materials, so using MICROBARI® micronized barium sulfate is more economical and reasonable.

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Micronized barium sulfate
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