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Submicron barium sulfate

BaSO4 content,min(%(m/m)) 98.0±0.5 Particle size (µm) d50 1.3±0.2 d97 2.7±0.3
Whiteness,min 96.0 pH value of aqueous suspension 8.0±1.0
Specific gravity(g/cm3) 4.4±0.2 Oil absorption(g/100g) 12.5±1.0
Matter volatile at 105℃,max
0.20 Loss on ignition,max(%(m/m)) 0.50
Matter soluble in water,max
0.20 Fe2O3 content,max(%(m/m)) 0.04
Al2O3 content,max(%(m/m)) 0.10 CaO content,max(%(m/m)) 0.15
Heavy metal(mg/kg) —— Bulk density(g/cm3) 1.0
Compact bulk density(g/cm3) 1.7 Residue on 45 µm sieve,max(%(m/m)) 0
Other characteristics

MICROBARI® submicron barium sulfate, the granularity is fine, the average particle size (D50) is 1.3μm, and most particles are on the submicron level ranging from 0.4 to 1.4μm, the surface area and surface atomicity of mesoscopic submicron crystal are great, and the crystal has a good dispersing ability. Submicron particles used as the mesoscopic pigment extender can render paint and coating good leveling properties,and make the coating film thinner and thicker.

Submicron barium sulfate has a high purity,The BaSO4 content of up to 99% and the whiteness is as high as 96%,special crystal structure and chemical composition render it a high refractive index, which gives the final product have a bright color, a high gloss, a long resistance and a potent capacity of ray absorption.

Particles of TiO2 and pigment are usually not able to be completely dispersed, they can aggregate together to make the scattering rate and hiding capability decrease, which makes TiO2 aggregation a huge waste.The average particle size of MICROBARI® submicron barium sulfate is 1.3μm or so, which is about fourfold of that of TiO2 particles (the average particle size is 0.3μm or so), when adding MICROBARI® submicron barium sulfate, its mesoscopic fine crystal particles can separate the aggregated TiO2 particles, and with enough surface atomicity,Each particle of submicron barium sulfate can absorb 4-10 particles of TiO2 around and effectively achieve space separation, so as to maximize the scattering rate of each particle of TiO2. Thus, using MICROBARI® submicron barium sulfate can get the best value for money.

As a extender of pigment, MICROBARI® submicron barium sulphate apply in thin spray powder coating,the electrophoretic coating, high gloss top coating etc. the high level products, which will bring your competitive advantage on you products.

Submicron barium sulfate
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